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Why US

As OISC Immigration Advocates in the UK, we have an established track-record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients in both applications to the Home Office and appeals before the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) court.

The following are just a small selection of the many cases in which we have achieved positive results for our clients:

Entry Clearance-Nairobi Kenya

We have given advice to a couple of applicants in Nairobi on how to make a successful visa application to the UK. They are grateful that we saved them money, time and stress.

  • Spouse Visa

We overturned a decision of the Entry Clearance Officer-Nairobi to refuse entry to the UK of a Spouse of a British National, but residing in Tanzania. Her application made in Tanzania was refused because she had overstayed in the UK previously. We persuaded the Immigration Judge to allow her to enter to the UK as a visitor.

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain

We successfully overturned the Home Office decision in Court to deny a Ugandan Spouse of a British citizen Indefinite Leave to Remain because within the 2 year probationary period, he worked abroad for 22 months. The Judge was satisfied with our meticulous case preparation, and that forced the Home Office to concede in Court before proceedings commenced.

  • European Economic Area Rights.

We have in several occasions assisted clients who have no leave to remain in the UK, but subsequently, genuinely married to EEA Qualified spouses in the UK. Such clients were eligible to Residence in the UK for 5 years and thereafter apply for Permanent Residence

  • Human Rights

We successfully assisted a citizen of Zimbabwe to secure Discretionary Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom on the basis of his private and family life, for supporting two children who live separately with their mothers.We advanced human rights arguments based upon the right to respect for family and private life in the United Kingdom in order to persuade the Home Office to grant that leave. We also assisted a citizen from Kenya, who had been denied leave to remain in the UK as an asylum seeker in 1999, to secure Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, on the basis of private, because many years had elapsed, since he left Kenya and that it is in the UK where he has established himself.

Clients from abroad

We are able to provide advice services to clients who are abroad by use of modern communication and technology such as fax, email, and telephone. E-mail is our preferred mode as it is very fast. If a client needs to attend interview at the British High Commission or Embassy, we advise  on legal technicalities and requirements that are needed for a particular application.

We cover:

• Entry visa from abroad
• Extension of leave to remain in the UK
• Indefinite Leave application
• Asylum and Human Rights application
• Marriage and unmarried partner application
• Working in the UK; (e.g Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 5) 
• Naturalisation
• Family reunion-visa
• EEC/EC family member/dependant  application
• Tier 4 (General) Student-visa
• Bail application Appeals at the Immigration and Asylum Chamber in the First-Tier Tribunal-In-Country and Out-Country Appeals.